• Mine Planning

    iMO offers consultancy services for the mining industry. In 1997 we began by focusing on collecting and structuring operational data for our mining clients.

  • Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS)

    Terrestrial laser scanning is a time saving and accurate surveying technique for the acquisition of 3D survey data. It is used by the mining and civil engineering industry to derive surface models.

  • Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS)

    Airborne laser scanning is a topographic land mapping method which can perform timely and cost-effective mapping of large areas with a high point density and a high degree of accuracy.

  • GNSS - Applications

    GNSS (GPS, Glonass) surveying techniques have improved tremendously in recent years and have become powerful tools for positioning and navigation.



Founded in 1997, iMO has developed a high level of expertise in the niche area of international mine consulting.

Our focus is on the use of high-end and technology-driven solutions in mine planning and mine surveying. We offer a modular package of mining solutions as well as tailor made solutions for our wide variety of clients, and have gained a particular reputation for customer responsiveness. From developing software packages to allow for more time-efficient manipulation of data to the invention of more precise measuring equipment, we can provide the intervention that best supports your mining project to set new industry standards.

Every mining project can benefit from the introduction of new ideas. By helping you to combine conventional methods with state of the art new solutions we can open up exciting possibilities for your work.

We are an internationally active consultancy firm for the mining industry focussing on modern and technology driven solutions in mine planning and mine surveying.

  • 1997

    Founded in Munich, Germany

  • 1998

    Adoption of Vulcan Software programmes


  • 1999

    First release of AdMin collection

    AdMin is an MS Access based client-tailored geology and mining database collection. This custom made software allows administration of drilling, sampling, survey and other mining related data.

  • 2001

    Use of Terrestrial Laser Scanning


  • 2007

    Use of Airborne Laser Scanning

  • 2008

    First release of AdaBox

    AdaBox is a simple tool to administrate aerial survey data. iMO has devised this smart tool box which can facilitate the viewing and selection of large surveyed areas.


International experience

Europe / North Africa / West Africa / United States / South America


German / English / French